Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heaven help us!

Yes, the inevitable has occurred,... Sam is walking! Well, he's pretty much walking. He takes lots of steps and then falls. He gets up again, takes lots of steps and then falls again. But he's all about this walking thing and suddenly he is ALL over the place.

We got to practice our walking in our front yard yesterday and I was lucky enough to catch him in action:

Look at him go!

I also managed to capture some of the not-so-graceful falls:



This one I call the Michael Jackson!

I have a confession to make: Isabella had absolutely no interest in walking until she was about 15 months old, so in all honesty I was not expecting, or ready, for Sam to start walking at 12 months. I thought I still had some time,...

I have another confession to make: Although intellectually I know the difference, I was not quite prepared for how unbelievably different boys are from girls ~ so much more physical and so much more busy and so much more wild. Seriously!

OK, one last confession, I promise: Apparently our house was NOT baby proof, like AT ALL! I can't even begin to tell you all the stuff Sam gets into that Isabella had absolutely no interest in. I've always wanted to simplify and get rid of so much of the clutter in our house and because of him this dream of mine is quickly becoming a reality. Although I wish I could have done it in my own terms, and timing. Oh well, no time like the present,... right?


Christie Padawer said...

This is so funny! The first picture he looks like he is ready to fight and the "Michael Jackson" is hilarious!!!

Michelle said...

WOW - walking, huh! Love the pictures and I can't believe he's already one!! I died laughing with the michael jackson pic as that is EXACTLY what I thought!!!