Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Harvest

We had the most beautiful weather here this past weekend and may I say, took full advantage of it. We played outside a lot, did quite a bit of yard work, went out for ice cream and even managed to squeeze in a short visit to our local park.

But our favorite activity this weekend was without a doubt going to pick our own strawberries. Red, juicy, delicious strawberries. YUM! If you've followed this blog then you know we are big on going to Jones Orchard to pick fresh fruit. You can read about some of our previous fruit picking adventures here and here. This time around Jones Orchard actually came to us. They cultivated a pretty good size strawberry patch in Shelby Farms, which just happens to be really close to our house. So we all got ready for some good 'ol strawberry picking and off we went.

It's funny, as soon as we got there it seems everyone went off in different directions. Isabella and her Daddy went off on their own little adventure. You see apparently she's an old pro at this strawberry picking thing, so being around Sam was just holding her back. She was a girl on a mission!

Isabella and Scott hard at work.

Taking a short break to show me her bucket.

Sam and I on the other hand just hung out for a while ~ we ate lots of strawberries, walked around, played with dirt, took lots of pictures, you name it! He was loving the huge selection of strawberries readily available and I'm pretty sure ate more than most of us combined.

Enjoying a taste of his first strawberry of the day.

This boy took his picking seriously.


So we all left with bags filled with strawberries, which we are consuming like crazy in our house. Up next? Peaches, plums, apples and blueberries which should be ready and available for picking in June. I can't wait!


Jessica said...

Sounds like fun!!! Loved the pic of Sam working very hard to pick the strawberries.jajajajaja - looks like he understood the concept very good!!!!