Friday, April 10, 2009

Puerto Rican? Really?

Almost eleven years ago (on 4/26/98), while I was a working professional in the wonderful city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I walked into a K*B Toy store to purchase a gift for someone. Who, I really don't know (most likely it was for my nephew who was almost one at the time). But what I do know is that as I was perusing the store I came across what Mattel called a "Puerto Rican" Barbie. And it just happened to be on clearance for the bargain price of $12.99. Apparently "Puerto Rican" Barbies were not very popular in Wisconsin,... who knew? Anyway, she was the only one on the shelf and as you can imagine I had to get her. Not because I still played with Barbies, but because I knew that I'd probably never find another one like her and that someday I would have a little girl that could play with her.

I guess I should explain that growing up I was a HUGE Barbie fanatic. I had hundreds of Barbies and accessories and I loved, loved, loved playing with them. All the cool cars, houses, boats, you name it! I could entertain myself playing with them for hours and hours. Secretly, I am anxiously awaiting for Isabella to really get into them so that we can play together, though I suspect that probably won't happen for a few more years.

Now let me be honest here, in my opinion "Puerto Rican" Barbie doesn't really have much of a Puerto Rican flair to her. Yeah she has dark hair, brownish eyes and semi-tanned skin, but that's about it since her features and measurements are the same as ALL the other Barbies out there.

Don't you agree?

Anyway, guess who found this Barbie that has been stored in a closet ever since we moved to our house almost five years ago. Yep! Isabella found her and immediately wanted to play with her. Of course as soon as I took her out of the box the first thing she asked was "What does she do?" To which I replied: "Absolutely nothing!". The look on her face basically said "Then what's the point?" Too funny! Like I said, we're still a few years away from really getting the Barbie concept.

Aww, doesn't my half Puerto Rican daughter have SO much in common with "Puerto Rican" Barbie? Right!


Lynn0906 said...

Oh, yes...she and Barbie look JUST alike. I mean, really...she is SO blonde...