Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend. I can sum up our Easter weekend celebration in one word: BUSY! Phew, in two days we managed to cram in 3 Easter egg hunts, lunch with friends, dinner with friends, an unbelievable service at Hope Church and Easter dinner with my family. We played a lot, we laughed a lot, we ate too much and I can't even tell you how tired I was when I went to bed passed out last night.

Saturday morning we met up with Hudson, Isabella's best friend, and his family to enjoy the Easter festivities at their preschool. We all had a great time. The kids played, went hunting for eggs and then we all ended up at Chick-fil-A for a yummy lunch an even more playtime. Needless to say, Isabella didn't even fight me before nap time and that NEVER happens around here. Can you say worn out?

Isabella & her best friend, Hudson.
Can't you just feel the bond and the love between them.
I tell ya, they are adorable!

Isabella hunting for eggs.
Sam walked and walked and walked. The boy NEVER tires!

This is what I get when I try to take a picture
of the two of them together these days.

After naps we got ready and went to another friend's house for another egg hunt, a visit from the Easter Bunny, dinner, drinks, and uninterrupted adult conversation. Luckily we had beautiful weather, so the kids spent most of the time outside jumping on a trampoline, riding bikes, playing with silly string and getting super dirty and extra tired.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to find the Easter baskets the bunny had left for us. The kids absolutely loved them. Isabella couldn't pick just one favorite, but the white bunny was definitely a winner. Although Sam also loved his blue bunny and literally showered him with wet drooly kisses, his favorite was without a doubt the chocolate. YUM!

Checking it all out!
Bunny love.
If you look closely you'll be able to see the evidence
of the wet kiss he just gave the bunny.

After enjoying our baskets and all the goodies, we went to church and then came back to do our annual Easter egg hunt. While the kids took their naps I myself laid down for a bout an hour and then prepared the rice that I was supposed to take to Easter dinner.

The only picture we have of Sam in his Easter outfit. Sad, isn't it?
He was snotty and cranky and unwilling to cooperate.

Our little Vanna showing us one of her favorites

Easter dinner at my brother's was a lot of fun. The food was delicious, the kids got totally jacked up on sugar (joy!), Sam bumped his head on a wall pretty badly, and then we came home.

Super fun weekend, surrounded by awesome friends and family, filled with laughter (and tons of sugar). Who could ask for anything more?


Michelle said...

Whew I'm tired just from reading it - you were very busy but looks like you had a lot of fun as well!!

Love the pictures - have I told you lately that your kids are gorgeous?!?!