Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let the hunting begin

Today we went to the first of the many Easter Egg Hunts of the season. We met up with a few of my girlfriends and their kids at Cedar Hill Farm and had ourselves a good ol' time.

First, we went on a hay ride that took us to this huge field where the children got to "hunt" for their eggs. I use the term "hunt" loosely since the eggs were just laying out all over the field. But the joy these kids felt finding and counting their 12 eggs was priceless. Even Sam had a blast playing with the eggs.

Afterward, we took the kids to the pony rides, to the chicken show, to lunch, back to the pony rides and finally to the playground.

A funny thing happened while we were there this morning when Isabella came across this little bird.

The bird was just standing there so Isabella got close, and then a little closer. Well, the bird started "talking" to Isabella and everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever. You know, Isabella "the bird whisperer". Since the bird wasn't really flying away we thought that maybe it was hurt and unable to move. But then I noticed that the bird was spreading its wings and its tail as far out as they could possibly go. And it was "talking" louder and louder.

Suddenly I realized that this was not necessarily a friendly conversation so I got closer to examine the situation. That's when we saw the 4 eggs. Apparently this specific type of bird lays its eggs on the ground/gravel. So, as it turns out the bird was pretty much telling us off and trying to scare us away. Luckily she was so protective of her eggs that coming after us and attacking us was not an option. And thank goodness for that since that was one angry bird.


Lynn0906 said...

Wouldn't you have just died if that bird came flying at you guys! It's like that movie...

Liz Butler said...

Girl, hindsight's 20/20. What the hell were we thinking getting so close to it to begin with?

Nate said...

Its a Killdeer! It may have been too intimidated by all the people, but the females will often pretend to be injured and drag a wing, leading you away from the nest before flying away. Sorry, nerd moment there :) How cool that you got to see it up close though!

Michelle said...

Ohh I miss Cedar Hills Farm - awesome place and the Easter Egg Hunt was so much fun for abby.

Glad you didn't get attacked by the bird - that would have put a little damper on the day!!