Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Miller Time!

Our friends the Millers were here visiting this weekend and it was such an awesome time. For the last three years we've made getting together over Labor Day weekend our little tradition. They are without a doubt some of my favorite people in this whole entire world and we absolutely love spending time with them. We pretty much just hung out all weekend and did low key stuff that allowed the little kids to run around and play while the big kids got a chance to relax and catch up.

On Saturday Isabella was insistent that we had to take the boys to the Botanic Gardens so that they could feed the fish and the geese. Isabella loves feeding the fish and has been asking repeatedly to go back since our last visit in June. So off we went packed with drinks, snacks and bread for the geese. The kids fed the fish and the geese and then ran and ran and ran until they could run no more. Once we got back to the house we put their swimsuits on, filled up the little alligator pool and had them play outside until it was time for dinner.

Is this not a face of pure delight?
Feeding the fish was definitely a highlight for Jack as well.
On Sunday we went to church, dropped off all the kids at the nursery and enjoyed a wonderful service. The current series is on creating margin (free time/availability) in your life, yesterday it was specifically related to your work life. Afterward we went to Jones Orchard to pick peaches and apples. The kids loved being able to pick the fruit right off the trees and place it in their baskets. Even Sam got a kick out of pulling leaves off the trees.

This is Jack ~ he's such a charmer.Robby and Sammy ~ quite the duo.
Here are the kids reviewing and approving Rachel's pictures.This is Luke ~ he's the mysterious one.
Carrying the baskets around was the best part.
Jack & Isabella picking apples.Hmm, it appears some of us picked more than just fruit,...
Gotta love a man with so many talents.
Oh, how I wish we lived closer together and were able to see each other more than once or twice a year. Love you guys! Until next time.


Lynn B said...

Rob and Rachel! 2 kids for them...YAY!! Looks like you guys had a blast....

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