Monday, September 8, 2008

Hello, old friend ~ we meet again!

Well, it was bound to happen and it finally did. I'm totally fed up with the way I look and feel. Which means what exactly? I've finally joined Weight Watchers,...again.

I went this morning after dropping Isabella off at school and met up face to face with my nemesis ~ that awful scale! Of course the number it spat back at me didn't surprise me one bit since it was precisely the reason I was there in the first place. But still, GEEZ!!!!

Please don't let my (,...again) comment confuse you. I happen to be a HUGE (hmm, I might want to choose my words more carefully) fan of the WW program. The first time I joined was back in 1999 and I was unbelievably successful. Back then I was single, working crazy long hours in a new town with no friends. With not much else going on in my life at the time I gave the program 150%. So what happened you may ask? Well, I met and fell in love with Scott. I was happy and in love and eating late night dinners and desserts and drinks. As my personal life was on an upswing, apparently so was my weight. At some point I stopped going to the meetings altogether, which is a big NO NO for me.

I rejoined WW when I worked with my friend Lynn in St. Louis. Remember, Lynn? It couldn't have been more convenient; the meetings took place during lunch time in the building that we worked in. It was definitely fun to have someone to do the program with, go to weigh-ins, make little wagers and serve as a support system ~ you know especially at times when you're standing there unable to breathe while staring at a box filled with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Then at some point the doughnuts won and it all went to downhill.

In 2004 I joined again and was doing great. I lost a little over 20 pounds within the first month and that was all the motivation I needed to stay on track and keep going. Then one day SURPRISE! I was pregnant with Isabella and could no longer follow the program and/or attend the meetings. But I had such a wonderful pregnancy and such a beautiful little girl, I wasn't discouraged. I knew I'd be able to go back and give it my best when I was good and ready.

So fast forward a couple years and there I am walking right back in there with an additional 10 pounds. But it was OK, I was just as motivated on following the program as I had been the other times. Again, history repeats itself ~ I lost about 20 pounds that first month. I was feeling good and totally determined to do this, just like I knew I'd be, and then BAM! Pregnant again!!! This time with our wonderful "little" Sam.

Anyhoo, here are a few observations on my very personal journeys with the WW Program:
* I do GREAT when I have NO life
* I do OK when I do the program with someone I know
* Weigh-ins and meetings are a definite requirement for my success, without that accountability I might as well not even waste our money
* Apparently I love a good challenge since every single time I go back I show up with 10 extra pounds than I did the time before
* As soon as I'm down 20 pounds I'm going to have to send Scott to sleep on the sofa, at least for a while ~ I mean seriously!

I am very excited to have rejoined, feeling super motivated and looking forward to my weigh-ins. And the reason I am telling you all about this is because, like I said before, I do much better when I have a support group and accountability. So every Monday I will update the blog with my progress, which will hopefully be pounds lost.

So wish me luck for this coming week. I'm definitely gonna need it!