Thursday, September 4, 2008

She's officially a Preschooler

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today was her first day of preschool. And honestly I gotta tell you, as ridiculous as it sounds, I'm feeling a little weird about the whole thing.
Although it's the same location she attended last year, she's no longer going to MDO (Mother's Day Out), now she's going to Preschool. She no longer takes a sippy cup, now she takes a juice box. She no longer has an hour allotted for nap, now it's 30 minutes of rest time. She can no longer take her special blankie to sleep with. I no longer pack diapers in her bag. Her classroom looks like it's for big kids. When did this happen? When did my little girl get to be so big?
Oh, she was so excited to go to school this morning. Two of her little friends from last year were going to be in her class again and that's all she could talk about on the way there. She even made us leave a little bit earlier than usual. We got to hang out in front of the school and take some pictures until they opened their doors.
We walked inside to her new "big kids" classroom and after hugs and kisses she walked right in without missing a beat, like an old pro. Me? Well, I just stood there blocking all the other parents' way and looking like an idiot. But I did mange one final shot of her inside the classroom before leaving. Seriously, she looks so big.