Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Senate Bill 1738

I love our DVR and the fact that I can record programs and watch them whenever I get a chance to, like when both kids are napping at the same time, which almost never happens. Well, it happened today. So, I just finished watching yesterday's Oprah show. To say I was appalled, sad, disgusted and angry as a result of watching it is putting it mildly.

The show was about child pre * da * tors, specifically internet pre * da * tors. Some of the things mentioned on that show literally made my cry. I cannot even bring myself to repeat it. So I decided to do something about it, to take a stand. Since I'm sure that not everyone I know reads this blog, I will also follow this up with an e-mail later today to pretty much everyone in my address book. So please forgive me if I repeat myself, but in my opinion this so worth doing.

This is not a political statement by any means. Regardless of your political tendencies or beliefs, Senate Bill #1738, the Protect Our Children Act, is a bipartisan bill to assist the underfunded law enforcement efforts in protecting our children from pre * da * tors. It will allocate additional financial resources to law enforcement who investigate child exp loi - tat ion, make child rescue a top priority and allocate funds for more advanced electronic tracking.

All you have to do to ensure this bill gets passed is write your senator and request that they vote to pass Senate Bill 1738. Just click here and it will take you directly to Oprah's website where she will walk you through everything you need to do to contact your senator. You can even copy a letter to paste on your senator's contact form so most of the hard work is already done for you. I just did it and it took no more than a few minutes.

Please note, the deadline for this petition is September 26th, so please act quickly since we don't really have much time.

So that's it,... let's do what we can to put our hard-earned money to good use.

(BTW, the words that appear to be a little crazy are purposely typed that way. I learned a very useful tip from my friend Marci when posting certain words on blogs.)


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