Saturday, September 6, 2008

Festival Fun

This morning I woke up with a desire to get up, get ready and get going. Lucky for me not only is the Fair still in town, but this is also the weekend of the annual Germantown Festival. I really wanted to go to the festival and I knew that presenting it to Scott as an option to the Fair was definitely the way to go, since I just happen to know that he would never willingly go to the fair.

So off to the festival we went. It was a perfect day for it ~ overcast, in the high 70's and breezy. Although we did walk around and looked at a lot of what the vendors had to offer, it mostly turned into a fun little trip for Isabella which included some face painting, some games and a whole lot of rides.

I managed to get one picture of her face painting seconds before her hair blew right into it and turned it into a very colorful mess, which we then had to clean up. Mommy has some serious OCD tendencies, as you may already know,...
Other than a rinky dink train she's been on the last couple of years during our visits to Uncle Fudd's Pumpkin Patch and the local mall Merry-go-Round she's never really been on rides before. Personally, I was little uncertain on how she'd like them because she's a pretty cautious little girl and not really into things that have the potential of causing bodily harm. But she loved it. Ride after ride ~ the rides kept getting faster and she kept asking for more.

A lot of the rides looked like they came straight from the 1940's. And I'm not talking about the style. Oh no! It all looked like it had barely survived a few World War II attacks.
Yeah, I got dizzy just watching her go around and around at a very fast speed while trying to get a decent picture,... she on the other hand enjoyed every second of it.
Spin Art ~ my favorite part of the day. Oh yeah,.. I like to live on the edge. Hmmm, I wonder who Isabella gets that from?This is pretty much what Sam looked like during our little morning adventure, except of course while he was napping.
In all honesty, what we probably should have done when we left the festival was run, not walk, to the nearest hospital to make sure Isabella got a Tetanus booster with all those old, rusty, metal rides she was on, but we were tired and hungry and decided to go have some lunch instead. Hey, I practically bathed her with hand sanitizer before we got in the car so that counts,... right?


Lynn Brehm said...

Carter is looking at these pics with me bummed that he can't go on them with her! LOL