Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet the village idiot

The following conversation took place bright and early this morning while Isabella, Sam and I were having breakfast. Sam started grunting and his face turned really red; obviously he was taking care of business.

I: What's Sam doing?

Me: I think he's pooping.

I: Why is he pooping?

Me: Well, because everybody poops.

I: Well, I don't go poop,...

Insert long pause here ~ long enough for me to foolishly think she had finished her statement. Right! Silly me!

Me: Of course you poop, Silly! Everybody poops!

Insert a raised index finger and a whole lot of attitude here.

I: I wasn't done talking. (Insert long pause for dramatic effect.) I was saying I don't go poop ON MYSELF,... I go poop in the potty.

Insert an overly exaggerated sigh from Isabella here.

I: I am so much smarter than you.


OK, so here's the thing, on more than one occasion I've said to Scott that I think Isabella thinks I'm like the village idiot. To her "Her Daddy" is the greatest and strongest and fastest and smartest thing since sliced bread. Nobody compares to him in her eyes. As a matter of fact, she cries every morning begging "Her Daddy" to NOT go to work and the second "Her Daddy" walks through the door, it's seriously like I'm instantly dismissed. It's like I'm the Latin maid/nanny that needs to disappear through the back door the moment "Her Daddy"" (the Master) makes an appearance. Poof! Be gone, Consuelo!

When Scott's not around either she knows I'm all she's got until he gets home or, dare I say, she actually enjoys being with me. But things are really good. We laugh, we play, we talk, we dance, you name it ~ it's great. And she is SO loving and affectionate. So this "statement" of hers today actually took me by surprise.

Here lately she's been constantly saying that she's faster than X or that she's stronger than X, so I think today was just another adaptation of being " ___er than X". But did she really have to add the "so much"? I mean, seriously!!!

So today we had another conversation about being humble and respectful and considerate of others' feelings. She said she was sorry for hurting my feelings and gave me a big hug. Awww!

Hmm, you think maybe deep inside she was thinking: "Oh, how dare you reprimand me, you underling? I'll have "My Daddy" deal with you tonight. Pack your bags, you village idiot! You're so outta here! Adios, amiga!"?

Nah, she wouldn't,... or would she?


Michelle said...

This is too funny!! I could soooo see Isabella and you having this conversation. I think all little girls are like this with their Daddy...I know Abby is!

Juli said...

I am going to HAVE to agree...being the mom of TWO girls...i AM the village idiot! Making things worse...daddy is a police officer, so really, in case you didnt know, he HANGS the moon! He is the one with the direct line to Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth name it!

From what i hear from other mom's to girls....this is ONLY the beginning! ARG!

Lynn B. said...


Jessica said...

Totally unfair, we have them for 9 months, some days feeling miserable. We literally "push" them out. ALWAYS there for them. I mean, dad can clean diapers, but when it it is REALLY BAD, the real messy ones, MOM is always there.

When teething: MOM is there.
When sick: MOM is there.
When moody: MOM is there.
When your eating, and the child needs attention, the only one to get up is: Us, mothers


Liz Butler said...

Amen to that, Sister!

That's why you need to have a boy. Trust me, so far I'm the greatest in Sam's eyes. It certainly helps with my self esteem.

Jessica said...

That was a great joke!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have the next one when Koral is 3 or 4 or 5, I don't know her age yet jajajajajaja