Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm a Sucker for a Bargain

OK, so I've been eyeing this pretty little mosaic table and chairs at Gordmans ever since they first put them out this last spring. But all three pieces were marked at $14.99 each and although not too terribly bad, I just couldn't bring myself to spend $45 on the set, as adorable as it is.
Well, my neighbor Christie called me up last week and told me that Gordmans had marked them down on clearance to $12 each and that there was an additional 50% off clearance event. So I decided to go and check it out last Friday. I mean $18 for the three piece set? Yeah, I was definitely willing to pay $18, no doubt.
I got there and looked through what they had left in stock and picked the pink table (also available were yellow and blue) and two chairs with different butterfly backs. Everything was outside in front of the store, so I loaded all the stuff in a cart (no easy task with Isabella and Sam along) and took it inside to check out. The cashier scans all three pieces and says: "That'll be $9.83". So I looked at her somewhat confused and asked if she had scanned all three pieces. To which she replies "Yes, but everything's 50% off, remember?" OK, now I'm no mathematician ~ actually, I am and always have been pretty bad at math, but I can do the basic calculations as well as the next guy. So let's see:

Option 1: 3 pieces x $12 each = $36 and 50% off $36 = $18
Option 2: $12 divided by 2 = $6 and $6 x 3 pieces = $18

I'm pretty much arriving at $18 every time. But apparently what I didn't know was that the chairs were ringing up at $3 clearance price, therefore $1.50 after additional discount. So basically it rang up at $9.00 plus tax for the three piece set. Hey, who am I to argue? I'll take it!!!

We brought it home and immediately set it up in Isabella's room. We absolutely love it! On Saturday morning as soon as she woke up she had her very first tea party with her friends, crazy morning hair and all,...


Anonymous said...

Why can't I be this lucky? HARDLY EVER RUN INTO BARGAINS SUCH AS THIS!!! Lucky you!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

For some reason my google account is acting up and I clicked anonymous and it worked..

Liz Butler said...

Girl trust me, I rarely find such good bargains myself. Usually by the time I show up all the good stuff is gone. I guess this was just meant to be. :)

Anonymous said...

O.K. what does Isabella do in her sleep that is some crazy hairdo. And how long does it take you to comb that thing?? HA HA

Christie said...

oops I posted that as anonymous. It was your lovely friend Christie!! HA HA

Liz Butler said...

Yeah, tell me about it,.. Luckily it's not usually this bad, but that morning it was an extra special mess.

The_Gord_Man said...

Hey great find!!

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