Monday, September 15, 2008

Six things about our boy

at six months.

1. As of this morning's 6 month check-up he weighs 23 pounds and is 28 inches long ~ he is one Big Baby Boy!
2. He is actually quite mobile for his tender age ~ he's either rolling all over the place or he's up on all four lunging forward to get places. I know I'm dreading the inevitable, but before I know it he'll be crawling all over the place.
3. He has his two bottom teeth and looks absolutely adorable when he smiles.
4. He lights up when he sees big sister Isabella and his Daddy, but he is head over heels in LOVE with his Mommy. He's actually started showing some signs of separation anxiety when Mommy is not around.
5. He loves baby food and at the rate he's growing, I'm pretty sure he'll be consuming finger foods quite soon.
6. He is always happy, always smiling, such a snuggler and an absolute joy.