Friday, May 1, 2009

And since I don't have enough to do,...

I've decided to do a little something called "A Photo a Day in the Month of May". Why? Well, I'm glad you ask. For starters no other month sounds as good in the title as May does: "A Photo a Day in the Month of June/August/ October,...". See what I mean?

In addition, I love my camera and I love taking pictures. Like ALL. THE. TIME. And taking more pictures will help me develop better picture-taking skills. Right? Yeah, I thought so.

And finally, since we don't have any major distractions going on this month I might actually be able to successfully capture snippets of our daily life for the entire month. I've been thinking about doing this for some time now and even attempted it a couple of years ago during the month of December, but life (and a whole lot of events and celebrating) got in the way and well you get the point. Anyway, you'll be seeing a lot of postings in the good 'ol blog this month because of this here project.

Which leads me to today's photo:

Those of you who know me know that I was born with a seriously dangerous sweet tooth. And this my dear friends is what I made this afternoon to satisfy a sweet craving ~ a personal size sponge cake topped with delicious raspberries, some yummy whipped cream and of course, chocolate syrup. Yes, I ate the entire thing by myself and may I add it was DIVINE! And yes, I'm positive I'm already wearing it on my hips. Joy!