Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I know a lot of people and have many acquaintances. But the reality is that I only have a handful of friends. True friends. You know the kind,... the ones you can call at any time and pour your heart out with and tell anything to or ask for advice. The ones with whom you can be your 125% true self and not feel judged or ashamed. The ones who've been there for you at your lowest AND highest points. The ones for whom you'll drop anything to help and be there for. The ones whose children you adore and love spending time with. The ones that you can have a conversation with with just one look or sit in complete silence with quite comfortably. I love my true friends!

Isabella too loves her friends. And just like me, there are a few of them she adores and loves spending time with. Josh is definitely one of them. Isabella and Josh have known each other for over three years, and when you're either four or turning four in a couple of months well,... that's quite a long time.

We went to the zoo today with my dear friend Cora and her boys and had an amazing time. But the thing Cora and I enjoyed the most was seeing our older children together ~ playing, talking, laughing, sharing and showing concern for each other.

I definitely want Isabella to grow up appreciating her friends, but by the looks of it I think she may already get the importance of nurturing true friendships.