Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day of School Surprises

Today was Isabella's last day of school and she was as excited going in this morning as she was when I picked her up this afternoon.

I myself was so excited, cause I had a bunch of surprises for her when I picked her up from school. For starters, since Sam and I took Papa Abu to the hospital to have some tests done earlier in the day, he ended up going with us to pick Isabella up and that alone totally made her day. She was thrilled that he was there and joyfully told both of her teachers that he was her grandaddy. So sweet.

Once we got in the car I told her that while she was at school we had purchased her a new "big girl" bed and that although it wouldn't be delivered tomorrow afternoon, we could go and get some new bedding for it today after Sam's nap. She's thrilled! Yep, so far Mommy is two for two.

We got home and she played in her room while I put Sam down for nap. Then I asked her to come into the game room because her Daddy and I had a surprise for her. She walked in and was surprised to see a bunch of goodies all for her. You wanna take a wild guess as to what she's into these days?

She loved it. All of it. But she especially loved the Tinkerbell diary with lock and key. She now walks around saying that only she has the key and only she can open her secret diary. I'd love to see what kind of personal secrets her diary will contain. Maybe smiley faces and letters and numbers,... ooh! All I have to say is thank goodness for Michael's $1 aisle.

She immediately got to playing with all her new treasures and again and again told me how much she loved me and thanked me for an awesome surprise and for being so kind and so sweet.

Hey what do you know,... Mommy is three for three today! Yes!

That never happens around here so I'm off to bask in the glory of my success (as short lived as it may be).

Until next time!