Monday, May 18, 2009

Beware of crazy drivers

We had the most amazing weather here yesterday. So much so that we decided to forgo our weekly going out to lunch after church tradition and come home to cook out instead. We spent all afternoon outside and loved every little bit of it. The kids especially enjoyed playing outside.

Our awesome neighbors gave us this Jeep last summer for Isabella since their daughter had totally outgrown it. And she's REALLY into it this year. Thanks again, guys!

Daddy made sure that the battery was all charged up and both Isabella and Sam had a blast riding it. Isabella was quite the crazy driver. Could this girl be any more distractible? Lord help us during her driving years. Sam on the other hand was a great little passenger, only once violently trying to take over the wheel.

I'm happy to report we had no major accidents and only some minor incidents. They rode and rode until the battery died, at which time Daddy took it to the garage to recharge for round two later on. My Dad came over for dinner and again we fired up the grill and made some really yummy burgers.

I live for beautiful lazy days like this where we just get to be together.


Michelle said...

I just love looking at your photos!! And you have such a way describing the day - felt as though I was right there enjoying it with yoU!!