Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Showtime!

Caution ~ Photo-Heavy Post!

So like I mentioned yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending Isabella's first tap and ballet dance recital. It was awesome! She wore the biggest white tutu and looked absolutely stunning. She really got into it and danced beautifully. And I realize I'm the Momma and can be somewhat extremely biased, but trust me her Daddy, Papa Abu, Aunt Maria, Uncle Chris and both cousins (aka her fan club) all felt the exact same way. And I'm sure there's no bias there,... especially from her Daddy.

Isabella's Fan Club:

Papa Abu hangin' out with the grand kids before the show:

She performed one tap and two ballet numbers.

Tapping Away:

Beautiful Ballerina:

I have officially crowned her the Michael Jordan of dance being that during times of extreme concentration her tongue was either peeking through or totally hanging out. I seem to remember her doing this before,... maybe during one of her school programs.

Seriously cute!

Anyway, after her performance we gave her a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips, which she loved, and took some pictures.

As you can see here even after it was all said and done she was still on cloud nine.

We're so proud of you, sweet girl, and we love you so much!


Michelle said...

She looks beautiful and is quite the performer! Abby just told me last week that she wants to take dance again. I was smiling ear to ear - love watching them learn and perform in the cutest costumes. Reminds me - I need to scrapbook her last recital :o)...yes, I'm a little behind!