Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fix Him!

Well guys, this is it. Today is my last day of posting for the super exciting "A Photo a Day in the Month of May" series. It's been real, but I'm looking forward to my more sporadic blogging just for the fun of it. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I'm leaving you with a funny story and an old photo so here we go.

The day after Isabella's dance recital I was looking through the many pictures I took and doing some photo editing. Isabella came over to the desk and sat on my lap. She intently watched as I worked and finally asked:

Isabella: What are you doing?
Me: I'm editing some pictures from your recital.
Isabella: What does editing mean?
Me: It means changing or fixing.
Isabella: How do you do it?
Me: Well, look at this picture. See how your eyes look red here? I can make them not look red by pressing this button right here.
Isabella: Oh! What's that called?
Me: It's called "Red Eye Removal".
Isabella: Hmm, do it again!

I flip over to the next picture and remove the red eyes.

Isabella: Cool!

I forward to the following picture and since it doesn't have any red eye issues I move on to the next one.

Isabella: Wait! Go back!
Liz: What?
Isabella: You forgot to fix him!
Liz: Fix what, honey?
Isabella: The picture!
Liz: Baby, there are no red eyes in this picture.
Isabella: Mom!!!
Liz: What?
Isabella: Papa Abu has red eye all over him! You have to fix him!

The picture in question:

I sure do love that girl!


Lynn0906 said...

ROTFL! I sure do hope I get the chance to meet her (and him) one day! They are a hoot!