Friday, March 20, 2009

Are you kidding me?

As you might have noticed on the previous post I got my hair cut. It was about a week ago. I desperately wanted a change. I wanted it short and cute and different. So, I had them cut well over 6 inches of hair.

I got home from the salon to find my Mom and the kids playing outside. Well, as soon as Isabella sees me, she carefully examines it and says: "You got your hair cut. I don't really like it, Mama."

Okay,... not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Although there's really no telling with her. I mean, remember my doggy do from last year? Man, apparently this child can really do a number on my self-esteem.

Anyway, later that night we're having dinner and Scott made a comment about liking my new hairstyle and the conversation that followed went a little something like this:

Scott: I really like your hair

Liz: Thanks! Isabella wasn't too thrilled with it.

Scott: You don't like Mommy's new hairstyle, Peanut?

Isabella: Not so much.

Scott: Why don't you like it?

Isabella: Are you kidding me?

Apparently to my beautiful daughter it is so painfully obvious that my new hairstyle is such an incredible flop, that she didn't think it was necessary to actually verbalize what it is she doesn't like about it.

Well, here it is:

Photos taken by my wonderful nephew at the park this morning.

So, what do you think? Do you find it as "repulsive" as Isabella did? And please, please, please don't answer "Are you kidding me?"

I'm happy to report that since then Isabella has approached me on numerous occasions to tell me how nice my hair looks and how much she likes it. In all honesty, I think it might have been the way it was styled at the salon that first day. But the again, who knows,...

Me on the other hand, I seriously love going back to short hair. But I do hate that because I have SO much hair, it takes me so long to blow dry it straight in the morning. Also, it's taking me some time to get reacquainted with the round brush after so many years. But I'm sure I'll have it re-mastered in no time.


Lynn B. said...

I like it! Although I think you looked fab with your short-short cut as well! Your blog always makes me smile...thanks for that!

Ellen said...

Are you kidding me...... I LOVE it!!!

Jennifer said...

I *LOVE* it!

I have gotten similar reactions to some of my hair cuts over the years, Lindsey never has a problem verbalizing exactly what she is thinking. I guess that is good?!?

I hope Sam had a super fabulous 1st birthday!!!!

Liz Butler said...

Thank you so much, ladies. You're all so sweet. I'm starting to get used to the new do, and a little more comfortable with the change.
These kids, I tell ya!

Michelle said...

I like the new do!!! I think you look GOOOOD :)

amy said...

I LOVE it, Liz! You look great!