Monday, February 23, 2009

Oops, she did it again

Some Bad News:

(1) Our upstairs computer is pretty much dead. DEAD I tell ya! Yeah, this is the computer that houses all of my pictures and scrapbook projects (luckily that's all backed up on an external drive ~ phew!). This is the computer I was in the process of using to complete Sam's birthday invites (these have to be completed and sent out pronto!). This is the computer that I use to update Sam's first year scrapbook (hard to believe it will be completed in a month). This is the computer that I use to post on the blog 99% of the time.

So we have made the decision to purchase a new desktop computer sometime this week, but being that we're so busy lately it's been hard for us to find the time to get out there and do some comparison shopping. Thank goodness for the internet and 24 hour online shopping. I think we've pretty much figured out what we want, now we just have to make the time to go out and get it. As soon as this little task has been completed, I will be posting lots of pictures of our recent adventures.

(2) As you may or may not know, I've had a pretty miserable few weeks. Since the beginning of the new year I've been to the 3 different doctors on 6 different occasions for three separate illnesses and I honestly can't even tell you the number of prescriptions I've had filled. The latest fiasco involves a rash/allergic reaction to one of the many antibiotics I've taken in the last few weeks. The itching is so outrageous and out of control I got a total of 5 hours of sleep this past weekend. Five hours. Total. For the entire weekend. Yeah, did I mention I'm absolutely miserable? Miserable and exhausted.

Anyway, after various desperate phone calls first thing this morning begging for an appointment I visited the dermatologist today to have my rash looked at. Of course I innocently walk in thinking she'll look at it, scrape it, look at it under her microscope and send me off with a new prescription or two. But the last thing I expected was that although she was 95% sure it was drug allergy, she still wanted to send it into the lab to be checked. Sure, I say. After all, she's the expert.

Well, do you know what that entails exactly? And I only ask because obviously I didn't. She cut me! Again! What is the deal? Seriously, I cannot walk into that woman's office without her coming after me with a scalpel! This time she took a chunk right off my stomach. Hello! Are you kidding me? So I've decided that next time I go back there (which is in exactly 10 days to have my one stitch removed) I'm going to tell her that next time she feels compelled to come after me with any type of surgery equipment she'd better finish the job ~ and perform liposuction. We'll see how that goes,... Yeah, I know I should have known better.

Some Good News:

(1) I'm on different and stronger steroids and will probably look just like Hulk Hogan as soon as this is all over, but I don't really care being that I am already experiencing some serious relief. It seems that finally someone got it right. YAY!!! And the cherry on top is that she instructed me to take a double dose (prescription strength) of Benadryl tonight. Someone's gonna get some much needed sleep tonight.

(2) The kids are finally better and done with all of their antibiotic treatments. They're both back to acting like themselves and being sassy and stubborn and loud and oh so much fun! I can't wait to share some of our recent pictures with you guys.

(3) And the grand finale: My Dad is going into the hospital tomorrow for a cardiac catheterization. Basically, they insert a sheath into an artery into which they insert a catheter and guide wire. This is threaded through the arteries to the heart, X-ray dye is injected through the catheter and several images (angiograms) are taken to determine where there may be blockages. Once they determine the severity of the blockages (number, locations and characteristics) then they decide the procedure/treatment necessary ~ hopefully nothing more than angioplasty and stenting.

Since my Dad was recently diagnosed and treated for bleeding esophageal varices, a gastroenterologist must ensure that there is absolutely no bleeding before they actually perform the . Once the procedure actually takes place the blood flow usually improves almost immediately. Meaning that should everything progress as planned then my Dad will be feeling so much better by Wednesday. And that my dear friends, is really great news! If things are not as "simple" as we'd like then we'll have to have conversations about coronary artery bypass surgery. But for now, we're just praying for a successful procedure tomorrow.

And since yours truly will be taking them to the hospital bright and early tomorrow morning, I should go now and tie up some loose ends.

We'll talk soon.