Monday, February 2, 2009

Living up to the name of the blog,... well, kinda

Things have been unbelievably chaotic around here. Unfortunately, I wouldn't necessarily say it's been perfect chaos. More like frustrating and exhausting chaos to be perfectly honest. But we do what we can, when we can, with what we have,... or something like that, right? Anyway, although I refuse to bore you with all the details of the "chaos" going on around here, I will update you on a few things.

First things first ~ Isabella's results from the hospital procedures she had a little over a week ago came back perfectly fine. Everything is working exactly as it should be, which is a humongous relief to us. Apparently she is just prone to UTIs for some reason and will most likely outgrow them sometime in the future. The whole experience was horrible (well, mostly for me and Scott) and I am so unbelievably grateful for kids' resilience. Thank you guys for all your kind words and encouragement. Between here and Facebook you guys had me covered. You're awesome!

After my second visit to the Minor Medical center, third round of antibiotics, two inhalers and a cough syrup with codeine, I am finally feeling much better. As for Sam, well he recently had a 24 hour stomach virus that resulted in me and/or my mom changing about 100 too many super nasty diapers.

Oh, how I wish I could tell you we're all finally getting healthy, but after a pretty terrible night last night we took Isabella to her pediatrician this morning and she was diagnosed with a pretty bad ear and sinus infection. Oy vey! So being that she did not go to school today, we've pretty much spent the day hanging out, watching TV and resting.

OK so moving on from nasty germs and such, have I mentioned how much I love having my parents around? Getting them settled with regards to all the medical stuff has been challenging and quite frustrating to say the least. But we keep moving forward, albeit at a snail's pace, and exploring every possible option and alternative available out there. And being together and watching the kids hang all over them has been so awesome and rewarding, I honestly wouldn't change it for the world.

Today is our 7 year anniversary. I feel so incredibly blessed to have married my best friend and such an awesome man. What a fun and crazy ride this has been! Anyway, since Mondays are not typically good days around here due to Scott's crazy work schedule we decided to celebrate it this weekend. On Saturday night we went to see this movie and got some yummy frozen custard afterward. Then yesterday we enjoyed an awesome dinner at Texas de Brazil, during which I of course ate WAY too much. Every single time we go there I promise myself I will exercise superhuman amounts of self-control, but unfortunately that never seems to be the case.

I leave you with our traditional anniversary self-portrait from last night.
Talk to you soon!


Jessica said...


Que rapido pasaron esos 7 años!!! Bueno te puedo decir que que bueno que tienes a titi ahi, para que te ayude, con todo lo que esta pasando. Aunque la pobre Isabela tendra que pasar varias infecciones, por lo menos ya sabes que todo esta bien 'por dentro'.

Espero que toditos se mejores rapido. Dale muchos besitos a titi y a tio, que los extraño muchísimo. Nos hacen mucha falta.

Con todos los esfuerzos que estan haciendo, puede llegar a ser bien agotador, pero por lo menos estan agotando TODOS los recursos.
Bueno los quiero mucho, se me cuidan.

Liz Butler said...

Gracias Jessi!
Si, este proceso ha sido agotador y retante en muchos aspectos, pero teniendo a mami y a papi aqui ha sido tan y tan gratificante para todos nosotros.

Nos estamos tratando de aprovechar cada segundo juntos.

Gracias por querernos tanto y quiero que sepan que nosotros tambien los amamos mucho a ustedes!!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on 7 years!! That's awesome! Time flys doesn't it - Jay and I will be celebrating 11 years in May!!!

Sorry to hear of all the sickness going around! I hope you all feel better soon. It's so hard to have children sick - it always broke my heart a little to have them feeling so poopy!

I'm very glad that you are enjoying your parents! It's definitely something to treasure and I can just imagine how much fun the kids are having!!

Miss you!