Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Heirloom

I'm not exactly sure about the history behind this little gem, other than Scott used to play with it when he was a little boy and his parents gave it to Isabella a couple years ago and til this day she still loves playing with it.

I'll to make sure to ask Nana & Papa about it. It is the cutest little car with Carsons written on the side. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Carson Pirie Scott was my very first employer after graduating from college and I still have fond memories of working there.

And no, my children do not often play outside in the PJs. It just happened that on this particular Sunday morning our church was hosting a Pajama Party and all the kids and their Sunday School teachers were encouraged to wear their PJs. But if I recall correctly, Isabella took advantage of it and spent pretty much the entire day in her PJs. Can't say I blame her.