Monday, August 17, 2009

Orange Beach, AL

So, we just returned from a much needed family getaway and may I say it was awesome. We spent our stress-free days hanging out and playing at the beach and the pool, eating yummy food, going to bed earlier than usual and sleeping in due to utter exhaustion, and just having fun together

I tend to be a pretty structured person, with a crazy love obsession for lists and schedules, but I specifically loved not having anything planned or scheduled during our trip. Well, except for one little event that we HAD to schedule, but it was totally worth it.

We spent most of our time being beach bums. Isabella loved loved loved playing in the sand, as well as playing in the water. To our surprise, the waves did not bother her one bit.

Sam however felt quite a bit differently. He tolerated the sand OK, but he wasn't really sold on the whole "water crashing into you and pulling you in" thing.

Of course we enjoyed a little bit of pool time, but only in the afternoon after spending our day at the beach.

The highlight of the trip for me was the hour and a half Dolphin Cruise we took. This was our one and only scheduled event. I totally love dolphins and seeing them up close and playing around the boat was fascinating.

The kids were really excited to see the first few dolphins, but after a while they were bored out of their minds. So much so, Sam decided a nap on a rocking boat with a cool breeze was a much better way to spend his time.

We suddenly felt adventurous and tried our first family game of mini golf, which was an absolute joke.

Isabella got SO frustrated because "getting the ball in the hole is haaard" and all Sam wanted to do was throw the colorful balls all over the place and be the obstacles on the course. Needless to say we were done before we even got to the fourth hole. Yeah, good times!

In addition, we got to see a couple of these:
...and some jelly fish, crabs and turtles.

And just in case by looking at these pictures I've misled you into thinking that it was all fun and games for the Butlers, please allow me to introduce to you the following proof that it wasn't. There's nothing quite like the drama generated by a one year old.

Tantrum at the mini golf:
Tantrum at the pool:
And my all-time favorite:
Tantrum at the beach:
Well hello there, Shake 'n Bake Sam!
I must confess to being a bad mommy and laughing my
butt off while I photographed this here incident.

All kidding aside, it really was a good time and we can't wait to go back.


Christie Padawer said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! I love the pics of Sam's tantrums. LOL Did y'all get a chance to eat at Lamberts?

Liz Butler said...

Yes, we did. It was good. We also ate at The Hangout (fun atmosphere, OK food), at Calypso Jim's (awesome food) and at the Mellow Mushroom (great pizza). We had a really nice time.

Kelee Katillac said...

Hi Liz!

Beautiful pics and a fun family time! Love the tantrums!

Thank-you for your kind comments!

You CAN do something gorgeous in your home.
I believe!!! I am no Rembrandt just a mule that doesn't give-up until I make it look o.k. Sometimes its 4-6 times!

love, kelee