Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The long overdue return of weekly weigh-ins

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I (re)joined Weight Watchers a couple of Saturdays ago. My weigh-in day and time is still Saturday mornings, which I love. Last week was my first official week back on the program. I'm glad to report that it wasn't as tough as I had anticipated and I did a heck of a job resisting temptation. So, I had my first weigh-in this past Saturday and this is how it went down:

Pounds lost last week: 5.2 lbs
Total pounds lost: 5.2 lbs

YAY! Trust me when I tell you that I was beyond thrilled to start out so strong. I'm a realist and having battled my weight my entire life and having been in this program numerous times before, I know not to expect these results too often. But I'm definitely motivated to doing everything I can to kick these extra pounds to the curb.

So stay tuned for what will hopefully be some more good news this coming weekend. Wish me luck!


amy said...

That is awesome, Liz!! I am starting back as well. Yesterday was my first day and it went pretty good. I would LOVE to have the same results as you did for my first week! Way to go!!

Quilly Nilly said...

Liz, that's awesome; I rejoined a few weeks ago and had lost 7 lbs but after this past weeks vacation I gained so I have to buckle down again. Keep it up, look forward to seeing "less" of you at the next crop. hee hee.

Which WW meeting do you go to?