Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beary Fun

We were invited to our friend Claire's birthday party at Build-A-Bear last Saturday. It was SO cute. Each child got to pick between two different bears, a cream bear or a brown bear. They then got to name their bear, stuff it, bathe it and dress it with an outfit of their choosing. The kids had an absolute blast.

The kids mesmerized with the stuffing process.

Isabella & the birthday girl showing me their bears.
Here they all are with their newly created friends:
How cute are they? Seriously! I love how each child picked an outfit that perfectly matched their personality.

After the birthday party we decided that being that we were already at the mall, we would take the kids to see Santa, tell him what they want for Christmas and have their pictures taken. Luckily there wasn't much of a line, so we didn't have to wait too long. The kids were anxiously awaiting their turn: Unfortunately, once our turn was up Sam decided there was absolutely NO way anyone would make him sit on that man's lap. I tried, oh how I tried. But he kicked and pushed and screamed. Now, you all know I'm a scrapbooker. So you can all imagine how imperative it is that I get a photo of Sam sitting on Santa's lap for his album. He doesn't have to be happy or smiling. He just needs to be somewhat close to Santa. Anyway, this is what we left with:
She has obviously outgrown her fear of good ol' Santa Claus. She climbed right up there, smiled for the photo, told him that she's been VERY good and gave him her list. This year's list consists of: Tinkerbell's house, Spin Art and a Make-Up kit. Well, I have it under good authority that Santa

Regarding Sam, well I still have time and I'm not losing hope that I'll be able to get my photo. We'll see,...