Friday, February 25, 2011

You spin me right round, Baby

Seriously, was this not one of the best dance songs of the 80's? 
How I remember dancing to it at every single house party I ever went to,... 
And trust me, there were many! 
Good times, let me tell ya!

Although my title reference has everything to do with a fabulous 1980's song, 
which til this day I still love, 
this post has nothing to do with Dead or Alive and their total awesomeness.

This post however, has everything to do with a certain toy Santa brought 
Isabella a couple years ago which is still a family favorite. 
Don't you just love it when that happens?!

I'm talking about this here little gem:
As you can see, our Spin Art machine has been well loved, 
for a couple years in fact. 
Santa got it from the Discovery Store and even though they no longer 
carry this exact model, they do offer something similar
And you can't beat it for the$25 price tag. 
 Or, you could Google Spin Art and check out the available assortment.

Yes, we ran out of the paper and the paint included in the kit, 
but that hasn't slowed us down at all. 
We just cut our own paper and added more tempera paint to the containers... 
And it continues to work like a charm!
Sam just recently discovered the fun involved with our crafty little machine.
 And I think it's safe to say he can't get enough of it!
 And for all of you clean OCD readers, it makes NO mess!
It's a thing of beauty, this fun little toy!

So anyway after quite a while of playing and creating, 
we decided to display our art in the kitchen.
Mine is the one on the left. (Apparently I like red!)
Isabella's in in the center.
Sam's is on the right. (He REALLY likes blue!)
Aren't they purty?

So anyway, if you have young children, this would be a perfect gift for them. 
Think birthday, graduation, Easter basket, rainy days, or just because!
They will love it and so will you!

And no, I am in no way compensated for this here post, 
but I do enjoy sharing a great find with my dear friends!

Have a great weekend!


Tracy said...

Looks like a lot of fun all around. You have some budding artists there :)

alison said...

oh i LOVED me some spin art when i was little. i haven't thought about that toy in a long time. i am now on a mission! hkay's birthday is in may, so i'm thinking that's going to be on her gift list :) also...thank you for the song that is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day. we have a 4 hour layover in miami today and i'm willing to bet that at some point the rest of the folks in my group are going to have something to say about me whistling that tune!

Quilly Nilly said...

Loved the song and the toy, I think I may just have to get it for the rascals