Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Blessed Easter Weekend

Caution: Photo-heavy post!

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend. Since our awesome church offers so many services to choose from, we decided to take advantage of this and attend one of the Saturday evening services. And I'm so glad we did!

Not only did we attend the amazing service at Hope, but my parents were able to join us, we were able to share a lovely dinner afterward, and we enjoyed a stress-free Easter morning with the kids. It was perfect!
My beautiful blessings!
My parents with the kids, after attending Hope's Easter service.
The family right before dinner at our house.My Sunflower Peeps Cake,... I told you I was going to make it
When we woke up Sunday morning, after sleeping in, we found that the Easter Bunny had stopped by our house and left us some goodies.
In addition to all the pretty candy-filled eggs, both kids had a basket filled with gifts and there were some goodies for Mommy & Daddy in the middle basket, which Isabella calls the "family basket", so that she can dig in if she finds something she likes.

The big hit this year was this:
Sam didn't pay his gifts much attention, being that there was candy EVERYWHERE! And this is what he looked like pretty much the entire morning:
Yeah, I'm thinking it might have something to do with the 10 pounds of chocolate he ate before breakfast.

So then it was time to go outside and find all the eggs the bunny left for us. That bunny sure was sneaky this year. The kids had a blast actually looking around the backyard for all the hidden eggs and made out like bandits.

We then got everything and everyone ready to head out to the Memphis Botanic Garden for a nice picnic lunch. I was overjoyed when we pulled into the entrance only to be greeted by this:
Be still my heart!

If you've followed this blog for some time, then you know that our family LOVES going to the Botanic Gardens. But you also know that I've missed the Spring flowers every single year. Well, this was the year when we timed our visit just right. And it was STUNNING! Everywhere you looked, it looked something like this:
There was color everywhere. And the colors were bold and bright and absolutely perfect. I'm thinking a blog post with just flower pictures may be in order. We'll see.

We found a picnic table in the shade and enjoyed some yummy lunch and a lot of fun conversation. Then Scott and I got to sit back and talk while the kids explored and ran and played. Such an awesome treat!

Our final stop was at My Big Backyard:
where Sam decided a jam session was in order,
while Isabella got caught up on some domestic duties.
On our way out, Isabella made a new friend,
and we posed for one last picture.
Nice, Sam!

I hope you had a very blessed Easter!


Krystle said...

Oh my goodness!! I love their Easter outfits!!! They are adorable!! I love the faces your son makes!! They made me laugh! The cake looks amazing!! Did it taste just as good as it looks!? The Gardens are gorgeous too!!

Liz Butler said...

Awww! Thanks, Krystle! It really was a lovely Easter.

Sam is indeed quite the character. Just you wait until Logan is a bit older. Somehow Sam can take me from mad to laughing hysterically in a matter of no time,... which definitely works to his advantage on most days.

Lucky for me, the cake was a hit for the children as well as the adults. Or maybe I should say lucky for them. ;)

meg duerksen said...

i LOVE her dress!! where did you get it? i think my annie might need one. :)
that place you were at is beautiful!

Liz Butler said...

Holy Cow! It's Meg Duerksen,... leaving a comment on my blog!!! I think I'm a bit star-struck right now.

I got the dress at The Children's Place. And yes, I think your Annie would look lovely in it.

Thanks so much for stopping by!