Monday, April 26, 2010

In the mail today....

I got a nice little package. Remember this post? Well, it arrived today and no one was as excited as Isabella, who pretty much claimed everything as HERS! I had anticipated she would be the lucky owner of the little girl's apron, the fabric flower hair pins and maybe one of the journal/notebooks,... but she had other plans in mind.

And yes my dear friends, she is indeed wearing 
the apron and both hair pins. At once. 

Luckily, I was able to convince her that there was no reason why we couldn't share the loot. Which was no easy task,... she's a tough negotiator, I tell ya!

That fabric banner is super cute. I love the patterns and the colors. It just screams SPRING! And the best thing is that I know exactly where it's going!  I love the dry erase Things To Do board. It goes right along with the my list making obsession. And don't even get me started on the little blue bird cage ~ adorable!

Everything is so pretty and colorful and I can't wait to find the perfect home for all of it. Thank you ladies at eighteen25 for the wonderful goodies!

Sorry for the poor photo quality. I think my little point and shoot is in its last days. 


Michelle said...

Looks like super cool stuff...and Isabella is adorable. Glad you were able to negotiate sharing the loot - I'm sure it wasn't easy...been there, done that, lol!

Quilly Nilly said...

She's so funny, I was wondering what those things in her hair were. That bird cage does look super cute, everything looks great; don't ya just love being a winner.

Liz Butler said...

Thanks, Girlies! It sure was fun digging into the goodies!

Jensedillo said...

hi there liz. so glad to see that you got the package and that everyone is enjoying it :) sorry it took a little while to get shipped and then i realized in my rush to finally get it mailed off i didn't put any little note of congratulations or anything! rude. forgive me. and i hope you can put it all to good use!!


Liz Butler said...

Thanks, Jen! Don't worry, in the midst of all the excitement my little girl and I had while opening, I didn't even miss it! All the goodies are lovely and we are definitely enjoying them. Thanks again!