Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August SNL Layouts

It's hard to believe we're already done with this month's SNL class. Is it just me, or does it seem like time is really flying by these days? On the one hand, I'll be happy to be done with this horrendously hot Summer season and welcome nice cool Autumn days. But on the other, I'm afraid I'm going to blink and it's going to be Christmas, and as much as I LOVE Christmas, I'm just not quite ready for that!

Well, enough about me and my whining. Let's move on to the good stuff. 
Here are the layouts we created in class this month:

Precious Baby:
Although mine is a boy layout, our class attendants were able to chose whether they wanted 
this to be a boy layout or a girl layout.

My Buddy
Again, although mine is a dog layout, our class attendants were able to chose whether 
they wanted this to be a dog layout or a cat layout. 

I have never given them so many options before, but I kind of liked it!

And finally, one of my all time favorites:
Love it! It's so fun and colorful and vibrant!
I must admit, I saw something like it in a magazine once and since then I've been dying to re-create it.

I've already picked my themes for next month's class: Fall Days, Who loves you?, and Everyday Moments. So stay tuned for a sneak peek soon to come!


Krystle said...

Dang!! I even starred it on the newsletter so I would remember to go!! Cute cute cute!! Do you have handouts for these layouts?

Liz said...

Thanks, Krystle! They were a lot of fun to create. Unfortunately, I can't give away the directions unless you buy the kit. But stay tuned for our September SNL class coming up SOON!