Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Tale of Indulgence

Well, Isabella successfully completed her first full week of Kindergarten last week. I know, I know, another Isabella's-in-Kindergarten-and-Liz-is-freaking-out post. But please bear with me,... I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon. You know, like next week when Sam, my youngest, my baby, my boy, starts his little preschool experience. People, let me warn you: You ain't seen nothing yet!

But anyway, like I was saying, Isabella successfully completed her first full week of Kindergarten last week. And I was actually doing great, except for the fact that she kept asking me to walk her into the classroom. And I did, every single time she asked. But I can't deny that the thought of how much easier it would be to drop her off instead did cross my mind a time or two. Then on Friday, out of nowhere, she asked me to drop her off at the door. WHAT?! Insert deep breathing exercises here in order to avoid passing out! So I "cheerfully", and in a probably ridiculously high pitched voice, asked: "REALLY? ARE YOU SURE? DO YOU KNOW WHERE TO GO?" To which she instantly replied: "Yep, I'm ready Mama!". You hear that sound? Yeah, it's the sound of my heart breaking.

So,... I got in the designated line and kissed her and hugged her and dropped her off. And I stayed there until the guy directing traffic just about opened my door to move the van himself. And then I broke all the school traffic rules. I turned left where you are only supposed to turn right. And I turned into the school, instead of getting back in the drop-off line. And why did I decide to go all criminal you ask? Well, I had to go back into the school parking lot so that I could watch her and make sure she knew exactly where to go and what to do. And then you know what I did? I cried. The ugly cry. And then I called Scott and I cried some more. And then I had to drive by Sam's school so that we could both say "Hi School!", like we do every single morning. Anyway, lucky for Sam, I finally managed to compose myself and carry on.

Later in the day, I dropped Sam off at my mom's and went to get Isabella at school. You see, Isabella is so very much like me. In so many ways, it's scary. And I had a little celebratory treat in store for her. A little indulgence, if I may. For successfully completing her first week in Kindergarten. For being such a good little student. For being such a great daughter.

So I picked her up, took her to Sonic to get a nice cold treat, and then we went to Sweet & Sassy so that she could have her first ever pedicure. She was beyond excited!

Enjoying a yummy M&M Sonic Blast:

Picking out your color is an important decision:
And sometimes it's hard to pick just one,... so you settle for two :)

Let the fun begin:

Getting the coveted foot massage:
Hmm, I wonder if she's enjoying it?

Yeah, I think so...
If that's not the face of sheer delight, then I don't know what is.

 Now it's time to polish:

And finally, the reveal:
What you see there is two different shades of pink, 
rhinestones, glitter and a toe ring.

She was in HEAVEN!
I believe her exact words were: "MOM, this is SO cool!"

She was very pleased with Ms. Kissy's work.
Especially after Ms. Kissy sprayed glitter on her hair and 
stamped a purple glitter heart on her cheek.

There's no doubt in my mind that there will be many pedicures after this one. After all, she is my daughter and everyone knows how much I love me a good pedicure.  Even if I'm being told to "leaf leg higha!".


Anonymous said...

Me encantó!!!! Y la última foto de los piesitos está para morir!!!! :))))
Ana Laura

Krystle said...

Awww!! I bet that girl was in Heaven!! I love me some pedicures too!!! Miss Kissy gave Logan his last haircut!! She was very nice and very patient!

I keep envisioning Logan going to school, shopping for supplies (because I LOVE office supplies!) and new clothes, but I also know I will probably be a WRECK too! Ha!

Jessica said...

I don't want to imagine when my girls go to school. I'll be doing a lot of "ugly crying"!!! LOL!!!

the shoafs said...

i have to resist the urge ever single day not to completely abandon my media center and sprint to the kindergarten hallway to spy....oops, i mean check up on....on hannah. it's just SO hard! i fell ya, girl. and i'm loving the fact that she got her toes done...i might have to schedule a session for the hkay and me :)

Quilly Nilly said...

I didn't know she got a toe ring too, too cute.