Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Conversation

Isabella is in this stage now where she is constantly asking all sorts of questions. And for the most part, she starts most of them with: "Mom, is it true that..." , which ALWAYS makes me feel like I'm being tested or something.

She's also stretching her imagination and constantly thinking of crazy/silly, off the wall things, which she is forever sharing. And those usually start like this: "Mom, can you imagine if..."

A couple of nights ago, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Isabella was sitting at the counter talking away about her day, which I absolutely love! Then she started getting silly and saying some of those "Mom, can you imagine if..." questions/statements. Well, after she said the first one, I looked at her and told her she was so silly, to which she replied: "No I'm not!"

Then she continued on, and a bit later made another "Mom, can you imagine if..." question/statement. So I looked at her and told her she was Cuckoo. She giddily replied: "No I'm not!"

Then she said something (which I must admit, I don't remember what it was) and tickled herself to the point of some seriously awesome belly laughs. You know the type; loud, heartfelt, contagious, non-stop, make you wanna pee your pants laughs.

I looked over and just stood there and watched her crack herself up. And without even realizing the words were coming out of my mouth, I said "God, she's beautiful". And in the midst of all the laughter, she immediately replied: "Now THAT I am! You got one out of three right, Mama."


Jumping Jack said...

What a sweet post! And a beautiful picture.

Michelle said...

awwww that makes me smile :) So sweet!

Rachel said...

That is so classic! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to your sweet sweet girl!! She made me smile and it brought happy tears to my eyes. How beautiful simple moments can be!! And yes she is beautiful inside and out!

JM said...

nice blog, love the site... here from New friends Friday

Please stop by mine

Jessica said...

Que bella!!!!