Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Last night a group of girlfriends and I met up for an awesome laughter-filled dinner and then we all went to see this:
If you're looking for a deep, thought provoking movie that will challenge your intellect in ways you can't even imagine, then this is definitely not the one to see.

However, although the movie got some pretty negative reviews, it totally turned out to be exactly what we all needed after the busy/demanding/emotional week we all had. The bottom line is it's a pretty cute chick flick which was better than any one of us had expected. And finally, is it just me or do you also think Kate Hudson is almost an exact replica of her mother (well, before she had all those cosmetic procedures done)? Seriously, right down to her mannerisms.

OK, so being that dinner and drinks would be involved in last night's agenda, the kids and I visited my local WW office yesterday afternoon for my weekly weigh-in.

Pounds lost this week: 3.2 lbs
Total lost: 28.4 lbs

I have one word, and only one word to say:


Oh. My. Gosh.
I was thrilled beyond belief. I seriously could not even believe it when the lady told me my results. I'm sure the other shoe will drop during next week's weigh-in, I mean,... it has to, right? But until then I will bask in the glory of the fact that I am less than 2 pounds away from a total of 30 pounds lost. And I feel GOOD!

In other news, my Mom and Dad are scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday instead of tomorrow. We had to push the trip out a couple of days due to a scheduling conflict with the local dialysis center. But we're in business now and ready to roll. Have I told you how excited I am that they are coming? I have this unbearable need to hug my Daddy as tight as I can for as long as I can.

Alrighty then, I'm off to bed now. It's been somewhat of a hectic day, I'm still fighting off some nasty illness that has me coughing quite unladylike (I'm pretty sure it's along the lines of kennel cough) and I'd like to do a little reading before I doze off to la la land.

Until next time,...


Michelle said...

Congrats on the weight loss, Liz!! Way to go! Enjoy the time with your family - you all need it!