Thursday, January 1, 2009

My "One Little Word"

Happy New Year, everyone! Have you set your New Year's Resolutions yet? Are you that person who does year after year? I did! Oh, did I ever! I couldn't wait for New Year's Day to start living the new and improved life I'd always wanted to live. But it had to be on New Year's Day, not one day earlier.

The truth is that I should have just recorded my resolutions one year and played them back year after year: eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more, be more patient, spend less money, be a better person,... Well, a few years back I decided to stop that practice in order to stop setting myself up for failure and disappointment over and over again.

So, here's what I suggest: Kick your "New Year Resolutions" out the front door and open yourself up to something new that you can really accomplish.

A few years ago the talented Ali Edwards started something called "One Little Word". The following is the way she describes it in her own blog: "The idea behind the one little word concept is to give yourself something to focus on throughout the year." Simple, isn't it?

I've actually been doing this for the last couple of years. In 2007 my chosen word was "RELAX", and boy did I need it then. I made sure to place my word where I could see it and remind myself to stop, breathe and relax when things seemed to be getting a bit out of control, as they sometimes do. And it really helped. Well, I mean not always, but often and isn't that what it's about?

Last year (2008) my word was "GO" as in "GO with the flow" and "let GO" and "GO for it". A bit more general I know, but this allowed me to be more flexible and open myself up to a lot more. And honestly, it was a good word for me last year. The only other word that I can think of that could have really helped in 2008 was maybe "SURVIVE", but I didn't really think of that one until after we added an infant to our mix, Isabella hit the atrocious threes and we started that whole potty training thing.

Anyhoo, without further ado I have chosen my word for this year and I am thrilled with it: "SIMPLIFY".

Pronunciation: \ˈsim-plə-ˌ\
Function: transitive verb
: to make simple or simpler: as a: to reduce to basic essentials b: to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline c: to make more intelligible : clarify

As I stay home with our two wonderful children on many occasions I have found myself wanting to "SIMPLIFY" things in our lives. Things such as reduce some of the clutter in our home, rotate their toys, free up some time to allow for some margin in our lives, plan ahead to keep things a lot more manageable.

So there you have it. SIMPLIFY is my word for 2009 and I'm hoping to embrace it in all aspects of our lives, starting immediately actually. You see, I've already started the planning process for Sam's First Birthday party in March. If you know me well, then you know I LOVE birthdays and can get a bit ahem!, carried away at times. I've just looked at my planning sheet (oh yes, I have to write everything down otherwise I won't have anything to cross off (a tad OCD, I know) or I'll surely forget something) and suddenly felt an urge to SIMPLIFY things a bit.

I am SO looking forward to this new simpler year! Do you have a word you want to focus on in 2009? If so, won't you play along? Leave me a comment and let me know what it is,...

I wish you a 2009 filled with health, love and prosperity!