Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Well, I've been struggling the last few days and trying to figure out how to best communicate the latest update on my Dad and his treatment. Anyway, here I go:

Some Good News:

*** The bleeding that was the original cause of his hospitalization back home was not from the liver. After conducting numerous procedures the Mayo Clinic specialists were able to identify the root of the problem (which I think may have been bleeding esophageal varices, but I'm not 100% on this), and successfully treat it to completely stop the bleeding.

*** As it turns out, my Dad was misdiagnosed in Puerto Rico and he does not have Liver Cancer. He does however have Cirrhosis of the liver, which means a liver transplant would still be the best course of action treatment-wise.

The Bad News:

*** Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic did not accept my Daddy as a transplant candidate at this time. Their biggest concern is that his heart is not strong enough to get him through the surgery(ies) and that they would most likely lose him on the operating table.

*** Although they are more than capable of dealing with my Dad's heart issues first, they apparently do not accept Medicaid which means my parents would have to pay the 20% that Medicare does not cover. They didn't exactly give us a figure, but it was understood we're talking about a whole lot of money.

*** Both my Mom and Dad are physically and emotionally exhausted and could definitely use a break from this strenuous roller coaster ride they've been on for the last month or so.

Some More Good News:

*** My Mom and my Dad are embarking on a twelve hour road trip this weekend and coming to stay here with us for some time. They will be here. This weekend. With us. Now that's some seriously good news, my friends. We're currently in the process of getting his dialysis scheduled locally for some time. Yeah, I cannot wait to see them!

*** My brother Chris has an acquaintance who is an MD, lives and works in Memphis, specializes in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Transplant and Hepatology, and has expressed interest in reviewing my Dad's case. When we began this journey he had mentioned to Chris that the practice he works for often times treats those "risky" patients who have been denied by the Mayo Clinic. He already requested my Dad's charts from Mayo and is currently in the process of reviewing them. Of course, there are still no guarantees that this doctor will accept my Dad as a patient or deem him as a candidate for heart surgery or the transplants, but right now we're functioning on cruise control and exploring every possible option available.

As you probably already know I don't really believe in coincidences. Actually, I'm more the we're not in control and everything happens for a reason type person. But I sure do take comfort in knowing that our journey is not yet over and we're ready and willing to do whatever is in our power to see this through. And the fact that we already have other options in motion, in Memphis nonetheless, is amazing. But at the end of the day whichever outcome God has in store for us, whether it's treatment or not, well,.... He'll get us through, because He is faithful and He always does.

Please keep those prayers coming. We are in desperate need of them right now and appreciate every single one of you so much!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, thanks for sharing about your dad's condition and struggles. It is indeed good to hear the good news and that they will be visiting you for awhile. I hope that the time together is restful for all of you!

Michelle said...

Liz - ALthough I'm really sorry about the bad news I, like you, think the good is GOOD and that the possibilities of what could be are a blessing. HE is good and HE will get you and your family through this. I'll continue the prayers...

Liz Butler said...

Thank you girls! As it turns out they will be arriving on Tuesday instead of Sunday, but we are absolutely thrilled to see them and can hardly wait. I feel an urgent need to just hug them!