Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yeah,... if only

So after an unbearably miserable night last night I finally decided I had to go see a doctor regarding this horrid cough I've had since around Christmas and appears to be worsening by the day.

If only I took as good care of myself as I do of the kids. If only I were as proactive in having something "checked" with myself as I am with the kids. If only I didn't always think I can "get through it" with some over the counter stuff. If only,... then I would be sleeping most nights and getting some much needed rest and not feeling totally drained and sick and tired and worthless. Yeah, if only,...

But since I don't handle myself with the same proactive determination that I handle the kids, after three weeks of feeling pretty crappy, I finally caved in bright and early this morning and went to local minor medical clinic.

Survey Says:
And a bad case of it!

I was given a sinus cocktail shot and put on two antibiotics as well as Sudafed and Mucinex. I am however thrilled to report that already I am feeling so much better. The thought of having to cough or swallow doesn't make me want to crawl into the fetal position in the corner of the room anymore. And that's HUGE! I think they should make a "cocktail" shot for all illnesses so that you can feel better and actually get on with your life much sooner than you can when you take a 5 to 10 day antibiotic.

On the parent front, I am so excited to announce that they are merely a couple hours away. Just a couple of hours and I get to see my Mom and Dad. Oh sweet heavens!!! Did I mention I'm SO excited?

My Mom sent me a text message earlier (yeah, did I mention I don't text? No, really, I don't. I don't quite see the point. I can call you and tell you whatever it is I want you to know in less time than it's gonna take me to type a message with my gigantic fingers on those tiny little phone keys. Anyway, apparently my Mom recently discovered texting and loves it ~ go figure). Where was I? Oh yes, so she sent me a text message telling me that while they were eating breakfast in Alabama this morning the young girl who was their server paid her a compliment. I know, right,... who doesn't like a compliment every now and then? Yeah, she told my Mom that she looked really good for an old lady. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me? My Mom is not an old lady,... she's only 57 years old! Someone needs to speak to this young girl about appropriate small talk. My Mom, being the lady that she is, smiled and thanked her. Me, being the lady that I am, well let's just say the exchange would have been quite different.

Well, I better go and wrap up a few things before their arrival. YAY!
OK, I'll keep you posted,...


Michelle said...

Oh Liz I'm glad you got some medicine and am feeling better. Hope you are back to your ol self in no time! I, too, seem to take care of everyone else before I even think about me...which reminds me I need to call the Dr. :o)