Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Double Date

Scott was able to secure some amazing tickets (four to be exact) to a very popular event that came to town this past weekend. So being that we had two extra tickets, we decided why not make it a double date. It was a fantastic time: crowded and loud and crazy and fun. Where did we go you ask?

Well, we went with these here cuties:
Isabella & Hudson, her best friend.

To see this:
Yes my dear friends, Scott and I took Isabella and Hudson downtown to Disney on Ice ~ Worlds of Fantasy last Friday night. The three of us stopped by Auto Zone to pick Scott up after work, parked our car at the Fed Ex Forum and walked over to Beale Street to enjoy some yummy dinner at the world famous Dyer's Burgers.

Since we had plenty of time, we decided to surprise the kids with a horse carriage ride around downtown Memphis. Isabella and Hudson were thrilled and loved every minute of it!

Can you tell? Just look at those happy faces.

So then it was show time! We did our mandatory potty rounds followed by purchasing ridiculously overpriced show souvenirs. (Geez! These people make quite the living.) We found our seats (which were wonderful) and waited for the show to begin. This was an especially exciting experience since it was Hudson's first, and we were all so happy to share it with him.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse opened the show to the longest and loudest shrieks you've ever heard. Or so I thought,....

That was, until these guys showed up:

WOW! Those kids went bananas when Mater and Lighting McQueen came out. The energy (and noise) in that place was through the roof. It was so awesome!

Yeah BTW, this is pretty much what he looked like throughout the entire show:
He was so focused and mesmerized by the whole thing. I love it!

OK, so then they took us on an underwater adventure with Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder and the rest of the gang:

I especially loved their beautiful colorful costumes.

Immediately followed by a trip to Pride Land for a Lion King adventure:

Here is young Simba with Timon and Pumbaa

Then it was time for a quick break.
It was at this time that these two cuties, who had already eaten cotton candy and sno-cones, absolutely HAD to have popcorn. Not one single popcorn vendor walked around our area for the entire duration of intermission. Sorry kiddos!

The second portion of the show was dedicated in its entirety to Isabella's favorite:

OMG,... it's TINKERBELL!!!
And then as we all know, all good things must come to an end:

While Scott rushed home to relieve my mom, who had kept Sam, so that she could go home, Isabella and I took our guest back to his house. She totally passed out on the way there. He didn't. I think the adrenaline was still rushing through his veins.

Danyelle, thank you so much for sharing your little boy with us. We had such a nice evening and he was an absolute joy. Just so you know we will gladly double date with those two anytime! :0)