Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Favorite Season

I'm absolutely loving Fall. I'm loving the cooler weather and the beautiful colors. I'm loving wearing long sleeve shirts, sweaters and jeans. I'm loving the thought of cooking and baking and spending lots of time in the kitchen in the next couple of months. I'm loving that we're hosting Thanksgiving for friends and family again this year. I'm loving the thought of all the conversations and laughter that will fill our home on Thanksgiving Day. I'm loving the thought of everyone around the table saying what they're grateful for this year. I'm loving the thought of having an amazing meal with an outstanding glass of wine, or two. I'm loving the thought of putting up all of our Christmas decorations a little bit earlier this year. And I'm loving the blog's new look in honor of my favorite season.

Happy Fall, Everyone!

Oh by the way, we'll be back with our regular programming shortly.


Lynn B. said...

How does one lose 2 pounds in 12 hours? :)

Jessica said...

Nice look!!!!1