Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oops, U-Turn Required

Well, I guess it was bound to happen sometime. My WW weigh-in was how shall I put it, less than stellar today. But I can honestly tell you I am not surprised. I'm pretty sure I can account for every ounce.

Pounds lost this week: + 0.2 lbs
Total lost: 20.2 lbs

You see, this week was one of those "Why Bother?" type weeks for me. I followed the program most of the time, but definitely had my oops moments. Take last night for example,... I NEVER eat dinner out the night before a weigh-in. I know better than that. What did we do last night? We went out to Rafferty's for dinner. I thought I'd try and be good, so I ordered myself a salad. Well let me tell ya, as soon as they brought me the salad I immediately thought that I should have ordered the steak and baked potato instead. That thing was huge and I ate every last bit of it. Why? Cause I was starving, which is yet another NO NO in my weight loss book.

So anyway, it is what it is and I can't let it get me down. I'm starting a new week today and I'll make some changes to hopefully see the results on the scale next Saturday.


Michelle said...

Hang in there...there is bound to be ups and downs. You're doing great! On a side note I used to go to Rafferty's with Ellen and we'd get their Chef Salad so I totally know what you are talking about but man are they so yum-o delicious!!

Liz Butler said...

GIRL, that's exactly the one I got yesterday. Nothing remotely "diet" in that salad. I think even the lettuce has calories. And those darn croissants, OMG!!!
I'm telling ya, I should've just ordered the steak and potatoes,...