Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We have a date!

OK, so I'm sitting here glued to the TV watching my boyfriend, Brian Williams, and the election results and playing around in Facebook when it suddenly occurred to me I had not yet shared the good news with you guys.

First, my Dad was discharged from the hospital last Saturday. In all honesty my initial reaction was not a very positive one, but upon further conversations with my Mom I understood the rationale. You see the reason my Dad was hospitalized in the first place was because of his low hemoglobin level. During the three weeks he was in the hospital his hemoglobin levels kept dropping, due to his blood loss, even after blood transfusions. Once he had his last blood transfusion, his hemoglobin level did not drop,... it actually increased within a couple of days. So as far as the hospital was concerned, my dad was good (right ~ forget the fact that his hospital chart weighs like 25 pounds). He is however ecstatic to be back home, sleeping in his own bed, and eating my Mom's cooking, so that's nice.

Anyway, we have decided to be proactive this time around and have my Dad's hemoglobin checked at least twice a week, regardless of what his dialysis center does.

Second, the Mayo Clinic called my parents with a date. YAY! We have a date! December 1st will be my Dad's first appointment with the Mayo Clinic. We are so excited! This gives my parents some time to get their things in order back in Puerto Rico and arrive in Jacksonville with enough time to get my Dad Medicaid coverage so that we don't have to pay any out of pocket expenses for his treatment. This is really good news considering at one point the numbers given to us were in the ballpark of $300,000 for the transplants less 80% Medicare coverage which would result in $60,000 out of pocket. YIKES!!!

It has been absolutely amazing to see God's hand in the way this is all developing. Things seem to be falling in place in unbelievable ways, ways that no one had anticipated, really, really good ways.

So, as of right now the Butler travel plans are on hold pending my Dad's initial consultation. My parents will most likely be spending Thanksgiving in Jacksonville, FL with my brother and his family, but we'll be spending it here at home with Daddy and my sweet friend Celimar, who will be visiting from Arizona to join us.


Lynn B. said...

YAY!!! Things are looking up, I tell ya. Good things they are a-comin. I can smell it.

Jessica said...

Great news!!! I saw your Dad last Monday. I couldn't see him @ the hospital, so I was very happy to see him. I just got out of dialisis, so he was a little tired and when to bed, but we did talk a little, and Koral was very loving with him. She would touch him and smile with him. And also gave him "piquito" the bad look. jajaj. She loves it. So, very happy to hear the good news, when you have a chance give me a call, so we can talk more.

CELIMAR said...

I'm happy your daddy is doing better! I talked to mami and asked her if she knew something new, so it's very nice to know you got good news.

I'm also very happy I made your blog! I feel SO special, almost famous like a celebrity! I am soooo looking forward to seeing you and finally meeting the kids!

well I have to get back to work! sad, I know!