Monday, November 3, 2008

She's Grateful

When I picked our girl up from school this afternoon she showed me some of the work they had done in class. Being November, gratitude is one of the topics they will be working with throughout the month.

Today was one of those days: they worked on gratitude and the number 4. She had to tell her teacher 4 things she's grateful for and her list was as follows:

1. Mommy
2. Stickers
3. Stamps
4. Daddy

Are you wondering what I'm wondering? Right,... where's Sam? Well, it appears Stickers and Stamps trump Mr. Sam in her totem pole.

So, of course I asked why she hadn't listed Sam as one of the 4 things she was grateful for. Her response? "Well, Stickers and Stamps are much more fun!"

And there you have it!

Deep inside I'm just hoping that he'll eventually make it on one of her grateful projects this month, especially the placemat they make for Thanksgiving that includes a turkey for each person they are grateful for. Oh, please let there be a turkey with Sam's name on it,...

BTW, are any of you as shocked as I am that I not only made it on the list, but I'm actually her #1? Take that Daddy!


Lynn B. said...

Your kids are so cute. Random comment, I know...but they are.