Sunday, December 14, 2008

Checking it all off the list

Although I got off to a pretty late start this year, I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making.

Preschool Christmas Party Goody Bags: CHECK

I'm one of the party moms for Isabella's Preschool Christmas Party this year, and I was put in charge of the goody bags. A couple other moms have snacks and crafts. The moment I knew what I was responsible for (which was last week) I went to Oriental Trading to check out their assortment. Honestly, so much of what they usually bring home in goody bags is junk and ends up in the garbage. So I was determined to change that and make these goody bags awesome! I was going to stick with a Jesus based theme to remind the kids of the real reason for the season.

I placed some really cool items in my shopping cart (candy cane ornaments, nativity scene sticker sheets and some really cute elf picture frames). When I went to place the $20 order with my $.98 shipping offer, it stated that it wouldn't be delivered until around the 22nd of December. Huh? Did I mention the party's on the 18th? That won't work, at all!

Fine, so maybe I can't use the almost free shipping so I'll order it and pay to have the shipping expedited a bit faster. YEAH! $20 shipping on a $20 order to have it by the 17th of December. First off, that's cutting it way too close for my liking. Second, I wasn't really planning on spending $40+ on these goody bags, which may end up in someone's garbage anyway. And finally, Holy Cow, what do I do now?

OK, so now I'm in desperation mode. I went to Target, Walmart and the two different Hobby Lobbys in town. Nothing! I checked other resources online. Nothing! Finally, I made a trip to Michael's on Friday and wait, do you hear that? Yes, it's the angels singing their lovely tunes as everything came together.

The contents of the goody bars are: a candy cane with the candy cane story, a picture frame and a Santa/Moose/ Teddy Bear jar filled with yummy Hershey Kisses. OK, so other than the candy cane with the candy cane story I wasn't able to find much else that was Jesus related, but I can honestly say that I am thrilled with I did find. Isabella absolutely loves the little jars,.. hopefully so will the other kids. I'll tell you on Thursday.

Teachers' Gifts: Check

I went the easy route on these teachers' gifts this year: a beautiful glass ornament (so much so that I picked one for our tree as well, lol) and some cute Christmas chocolate candy for each of the two room teachers and an ornament for the music teacher. Done! I love, love, love the gift bags I found at Hobby Lobby for them.

The best part of the above mentioned gifts? I'm all about bargains and everything was at least 50% off at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I so love it when that happens!

Christmas Shopping: Almost done

I think I have one more visit to and I'm done! Oh, how I love cyber shopping,... let me count the ways.

Today we're going to our church's late service (11:15am) to join our friends in celebrating their baby's baptism and then to their home for lunch. So I better get going, I still have some gift wrapping and getting ready to do. Talk soon!


Michelle said...

Those goodie bags look awesome! Good for you in being almost well I like to push the time line :) Seriously...working on goodie bags and I finished teacher gifts. You'll have to check my blog in a couple of days to see my gifts.

Liz Butler said...

Girl, I totally got lucky with the goody bags/jars. I was PANICKING! And I'm not really good about "making" this kind of stuff, like you are,... But, thanks!