Monday, December 8, 2008

Isabella's Christmas Program

Tonight was Isabella's Preschool Christmas Program titled "What Can I Give Jesus?" It was SO cute. She had her very own line: "What can I give Jesus as small as I am?", and she kinda sang and kinda danced, kinda played bells and kinda had two wardrobe malfunctions right up on the altar; one major, one minor. But all in all, it was a very cute program and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Even Sam was quite well behaved, considering it lasted about 45 minutes.

With regards to the major wardrobe malfunction previously mentioned, well apparently she wanted to make sure everything was right where it should be as soon as she climbed up on the altar. So she made all necessary adjustments while concentrating on her music teacher so that she wouldn't miss her cue.

I think at one point she thought that maybe the other kids were singing a bit too loud,... unnecessarily. What do you think?

The minor wardrobe malfunction occurred when midway through the program she somehow lost a shoe.

She tried vigorously to put it back on during the performance, but suddenly, like a true star, decided that the show must go on and finished the program without a shoe.

Of course, the evening would not have been complete without a visit from Santa. Isabella told me she HAD to speak to him again and REMIND him of what she wants for Christmas. It's crazy to see how very comfortable she is with Santa Clause this year. Last year she literally yelled the items on her list from what she considered was a safe enough distance. Boy, what a difference a year makes.

The last photo of the evening was taken by Scott as soon as we got home and it's of me and the kiddos in front of our dining room Christmas tree.
This was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.