Tuesday, December 9, 2008

His Cool New Trick

Four easy steps to standing up:

(1) First and foremost, make sure you've got
an acceptable audience.

(2) Then, grab the table with both hands
and pull yourself up on your huge chunky knees.

(3) Muster as much concentration and strength as
possible and pull yourself up to standing position.

(4) Finally, plop yourself back on the floor
and celebrate like it's nobody's business.

Yes, our big boy is now pulling himself up everywhere, ALL the time and chomping at the bit to start cruising. What's my favorite part in all of this? When he plops himself back on the floor and starts clapping and laughing hard belly laughs due to his accomplishing this new trick. So what do we do, you ask? Well, we all celebrate right along with him. Especially his sister, who's positively certain she's taught him absolutely everything he knows. These kids, I tell ya,...


Lynn B. said...

I have been crazy busy the last week, but still managed to blog stalk. :)

At any rate...wonderful to hear about your dad, and I know how much you LOVE waiting for things. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

On the WW front, I did HORRIBLE the week after Thanksgiving (I knew it going in...I just sorta gave up) but then redeemed myself this week with a 2.8 loss so I am now down 16.2!! YAY!

Did you get some new WW books at your last meeting? I got all new materials this morning....something on Momentum or something?

Busy-ness is over...you can rest assured I am back to blog stalking full time now. :)

Michelle said...

Sam is so cute! I just laughed when I read the post...I can totally imagine that belly laugh and his excitement!