Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sorry, False Alarm

Yeah, please disregard my previous post. I just received a call from my Mom and the one topic that will NOT be discussed during tonight's meeting at the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic is Hector Torres, also known as my Dad.

Apparently they want him to meet with a Cardiologist (heart), a Psychologist (oh crap! ~ just kidding) and a Nephrologist (kidneys) for further evaluation as well as complete a lung examination before their final meeting takes place. Which of course means waiting some more, you know,... like until next week. Argh!!!

Life can be such a roller coaster ride sometimes, don't you think?


Jessica said...

No sabes cuanta pena me da. Pero por lo menos se estan moviendo con el caso de el. Hace dias que no hablo con titi, y me alegro saber lo que esta pasando por alla. ¿como estan titi y tio, ademas de ansiosos? Si quieres me llamas y hablamos.