Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Rockin' Party

Today was Isabella's preschool Christmas party and I was assigned to be one of the party moms. Like I mentioned before, I was responsible for the kids' goody bags which I was thrilled about. One of the other moms (Mom A) volunteered to do the craft and story time, being that she was a preschool teacher in the past and all, and the other mom (Mom B) was assigned snacks. Mind you, their parties last only one hour.

The first thing we did was the craft and let's just say that Mom A was a bit oh, how shall I put it?,... ambitious. The idea was to decorate a big red bucket like Rudolph with antlers, ears, googly eyes and a big red nose. And it would have been really cute if white glue actually worked on plastic and big pieces of foamies.

I'm not a preschool teacher for many, many reasons, and giving thirteen three year olds a cup with glue and a Q-Tip to glue all of those pieces together is NOT my idea of a good time. Holy Cow! Glue was dripping everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Not to mention the kids were getting quite frustrated because nothing was sticking or staying in place.

Once it was evident that this might have been a case of biting off more than the kids can chew, we decided it would be best for us (the adults) to glue ALL of the pieces together with a hot glue gun instead. While we were hard at work with the craft project, Mom A relocated the kids to circle time and read them a few books.

OK, so once we finally turned thirteen buckets into thirteen Rudolphs one of the room teachers asked if we had snacks. Mom B, who by the way doesn't speak any English, handed her three dozen cookies. The teacher asked if she had brought anything to drink ~ Nope! So off the teacher went to find some juice to serve along with the cookies.

Needless to say by now I'm totally mortified with how badly things seem to be going. I know the teachers must think we are the most incompetent group of mothers they've ever had host a party. When suddenly a little boy squeals: "This is the best party EVER!" WHAT?!?! Yeah, I had to double check to make sure he was in the same room I was in. And then it suddenly occurred to me, they're three years old! I'm pretty sure that unless you feed them liver and raw oysters, every party is a rockin' party.

By the way, although it is strongly discouraged that younger siblings attend the parties, I had gotten an OK to bring Sam because well, what was I supposed to do with him? Luckily he was an angel. He sat quietly in his stroller and enjoyed watching the mayhem that was craft time and totally loved listening to story time. I'm sure the Cheerios and other snacks I constantly fed him didn't hurt either.


Lynn B. said...

Ah, Liz! I could totally picture this. Hee!