Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun at the Gardens

You know you visit the Botanic Gardens enough when you walk through the front doors and are immediately greeted by name. Yes, this actually happened to me a couple of times. So Scott and I finally broke down and purchased a membership earlier this year.

And although it was another 100°F + day, my mom and I decided to take the kids to the Botanic Gardens so they could run and play and feed the fish and pass out from sheer exhaustion afterward (Lord knows I almost did).

First on the agenda,... you guessed it:
Feed The Fish!

I know , I know, we've been there, done that. You're probably sick of my "feeding the fish" pictures, but it just never gets old. We love it. Those fish are crazy. Crazy, I tell ya!

After we went through our eight bags of fish food, and drank all our water, we finally moved on to My Big Backyard.

This was the cousin's first visit and they loved it! It is such a wonderful area, filled with so many fun kid activities.

 The little superstar birdies in their nest.

They all really loved the "rain" area.
  Including my mom :)
 It was such a great way to cool down on such a hot day!

So despite the heat, we were able to have a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit.


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Oh, we forgot to feed the fish when we were there last weekend, darn it! Do you take your own food or do you buy the stuff they have there?

thisamericantourist said...

What fun! I haven't fed any fish in ages, so I'm happy to look at your pictures.

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

We buy their stuff. It's a $1 a bag and it actually goes a long away. Well, either that or it's the fact that buy a bunch of bags. But either way, it's one of our favorite things to do when we visit.

Quilly Nilly said...

those fish are crazy but so much fun to feed, sounds like you guys had a fabulous time even if it was 100˚+ heat index. I can't stand this heat, so it may be awhile before we go back :)

Krystle said...

I love feeding the fish. Logan was asleep the one and only time we went and fed them, so we definitely have to go back! Fun times!!

B said...

I'd be with your mom too! :) 100 degrees is way past my comfort zone and I'd be happy as a clam in the rain section. :)

Sounds like a great idea to get a membership. What a delightful time it looks like everyone had!