Monday, June 14, 2010

Staying Cool

Ladies and gentlemen, it is hot here this summer. And when I say hot, I mean H.O.T! The heat index has been over 100°F for the last few days and we are all definitely feeling it. And it's only June!

In an attempt to try to stay cool, we're spending some lots of time playing in Tata's new apartment complex pool. I decided to take the camera with me today and take some pictures of the kids doing what they do best,... being kids and having fun!

Isabella modeling her new bathing suit courtesy of 
our wonderful neighbor, Christie.
 Thanks, Girl! She loves it!

Cousin Christian making a splash!
Unfortunately, I snapped when he was just entering the water, 
so I totally missed the splash.

Sam and his Tata in the midst of snacks negotiations:
Ha Ha Ha! Look at those faces. 
These people mean business!

Cousin Maria is always ready for a picture.
 She's such a beautiful girl!

The boys of summer:
These two totally adore each other!

Isabella is so comfortable in the water!
 She's like a little fish.
Well, the kind of fish that doesn't like being splashed in the face.

And this one,... well
he's just fun and crazy and fearless!


the shoafs said...

girl, i hear ya on this one! it was 95 degrees at 8:00 this morning. unfortunately, the kids were the only ones in the pool since today was a swim lesson day. my friend and i had to sit up in the parent balcony and sweat to death. the good part? i think i was 5 lbs lighter when we left ;)

Krystle said...

OMan. It has been hot here! I don't like it this hot. I'm afraid of what August has to bring!! cute pics! The kids look like they had a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Isabella photo is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding about the heat. What are we going to do in August?


Rachel said...

Sammy looks SO handsome in that last picture and older! I love it!!!