Monday, June 21, 2010

He's One Happy Daddy

We had such a nice Father's Day weekend. Busy, but fun. We showered Daddy with presents and we made sure to give him lots of time to do "his" thing, whatever that may have been.

I wanted to quickly share one of the presents we gave him. Every year I make it a point to give him something handmade.  And as the kids grow older, they are able to participate more actively on the creation of these gifts. For his first Father's Day, I made him a mini book filled with pictures of him and Isabella. I cannot for the life of me remember what he got for his second Father's Day, but for his third he got this, which, in all honestly, has been quite impossible to top.

Anyway, this year his hand-made creation was a collaboration by Isabella, Sam, my beloved Silhouette and I:
I used the Silhouette to die cut the word "daddy" and a heart. I only used the negative space. Isabella completely covered a white piece of card stock with colorful crayons. We adhered the card stock behind the cut outs, added the writing, the doodling, and the signatures. I then bought a frame at Marshall's and we were done.

And the best part is that he really liked it! It's already sitting on his desk right next to the hand prints one.

Simple, cute and so fun!


Krystle said...

I love making handmade things for Chris from Logan! Very cute! I got to get me one of those Silhouettes =)