Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sticky Masterpieces

Remember this craft? The one I've been wanting to try? It's called Corn Syrup Art. Well, we did it. Last night. And it is awesome. And messy and sticky, but we all had a blast. Even Tata came over and joined in the fun. So after eating dinner, and a good deal of watermelon, we got right to work.

The first step is to use a crayon to draw your design.

Once you have outlined your picture, and mixed your "paints", 
then it's time to go to town:

And go to town is exactly what we did. All of us!

We all really got into it. It was different and fun and relaxing.
And everyone's picture looked so different!

Scott's funky dancing elephant:

Isabella's building has a pond filled with beautiful fish (bottom right corner):

Tata's colorful house and flower garden:

Sam's abstract masterpiece:
We think he might be going through some sort of blue period,...

And finally, my ocean scene:

We're waiting for them to dry, which will most likely take forever, and then we're planning on framing them and putting them up in our playroom. Seriously! How fun and colorful will that look?


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

So cute! We're gonna have to try this!

the shoafs said...

too fun! i am now stalking (or following....whatever) that crafty blog. i've been trolling the internet for some fun crafts to do with the kiddos this summer.

looks like you guys had so much fun and i love that you're going to frame the artwork :)

B said...

What a fantastic family project! And now you have wall art to boot! :)

Rachel said...

Awesome Liz, what a great idea. I love all of the pictures, very impressive! Frame em' tight so the ants don't get into them! Ha ha. Scott is quite the closet artist I must say!

LambAround said...

You're a lucky gal, having a house full of artists! Love all those vivid colors :)

My post for Mom Sexy Prom 2010 is up! Come to the prom with me: http://lambaround.blogspot.com

Jessica said...

Very nice!!! Definitly will be in my to do list too. Very fun, different family activity - love it!!

Liz @ Perfect Chaos said...

It is such a fun project, but get ready ladies because I'm not kidding when I say it is MESSY! They're still not completely dry and we did our projects on Monday, which leads me to wonder if they ever fully dry. I'll let you know,...

Quilly Nilly said...

They look so colorful, will have to try this